Player One Coffee Introduces A Brand New Roast That ‘Neebs Gaming’ Fans Will Love!

“We mean it when we say it. Everyone who works at Player One Coffee has spent countless nights where the phrase “just one more game” has been uttered dozens of times. ‘Just one more game’ turns into twenty more games when you’re sipping on Player One Coffee.” The company over at Player One Coffee has just added a brand new roast to their delicious line of gaming-inspired blends and as huge fans of the crew over at Neebs Gaming, we couldn’t wait to share the good word!

The new blend is called Neebs Gaming “World Peace” and it effortlessly combines the style of both Colombian and Guatemalan roasts. With nutty upper tones and a hint of chocolate deliciousness, it’s the perfect way to send a toast to Neebs and his crew while watching one of their many hilarious streams.

The team over at Player One Coffee exclusively told us:

“Player One Coffee is a literally lab full of coffee nerds who obsess over beans day in, day out. Our commitment to responsible sustainability in our coffee, as well as our passion for a truly unique and downright addicting cup of joe is not just our job, it is in our blood. Tasting coffee and perfecting roasts may sound like the best job in the world (and, honestly, it kind of is) but when it comes to releasing a new blend, it is not something we take lightly at all.

We created our latest blend, “World Peace” in conjunction with the folks at Neebs Gaming. It has been an ongoing goal for Neebs to become not just the biggest gaming channel in the world (of which they are making solid progress, by the way), but also to accomplish World Peace. And from our point of view, there is nothing closer to experiencing true peace than enjoying a truly great cup of coffee (unless you are enjoying that cup of coffee while maintaining a solid 10-1 kill-death-ratio, in which case… Peace be damned).

World Peace is best enjoyed… Well, anytime really. We love this blend so much it fits perfectly in the morning or evening, with nutty upper tones with clever traces of chocolate, it is a must have for anyone – gamer or otherwise.”

The new line is available now and you can pick up the best of the latest blend right here at the official Player One Coffee website! You can also support Neebs and the gang on their Twitch and YouTube channels, because who doesn’t want to enjoy hilarious game-age while enjoying a hot cuppa?

Don’t forget to enjoy their other four blends as well, you just can’t turn down the LEEROY JENKINS one! Trust us!

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