CD Projekt Red Dev Damien Monnier Joins Techland in New Fantasy IP!

Former CD Projekt Red developer Damien Monnier has made an official announcement on his involvement in an upcoming Techland IP title. Monnier officially left CD Projekt Red in November and joined forces with the Dying Light producers in a mystery project that even now remained elusive in details. This month, Monnier has shed just the tiniest bit of light on Twitter about the upcoming title, and while it isn’t much to go off of, it’s still an important message that fans of his work are holding tightly to:

This “fantasy game with a big, open world and RPG elements” hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we do know that this mystery title will include co-op multiplayer and single-player modes. In an interview with Eurogamer, Techland admitted that “We’ve got really big ambitions for our next internally developed games so people with ingenious ideas as well as the skill and knowledge to bring them to life are absolutely essential.”.

This says a lot about their faith in Monnier, who has more than proven himself worthy with his previous work. As a senior designer for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the lead designer for the stand-alone Gwent title that fans have absolutely loved, Damien Monnier has more than proven his salt in being able to pull off another hit title with the Warsaw based company (luckily for Monnier, he didn’t have far to move, as CD Projekt Red is also based in Poland).

For any fans possibly worried about whether or not the split from the company was on negative terms, don’t worry. CD Projekt Red confirmed to Eurogamer that Monnier’s departure was on mutual terms. There is no word on whether or not this split is a temporary one or if Monnier has made permanent employment with Techland.

So what do you think on Damien Monnier’s switch to Techland? Do you think the unnamed IP will be as good as the Witcher? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and game on!


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