Teaser for New Open-World Survival Horror Game ‘The Day After’ Looks Intense (VIDEO)

Open-World Survival Horror Game

Coconut Games released the first teaser trailer for their new open-world survival horror game, The Day After. The title developed by the independent game studio follows a guy named Noah who is trying to survive in a North American mining town named Grayfox Hill, which has been ravaged by bacteria infected humans and is now under quarantine. Noah’s interactions with other survivors and decisions tailor the game as it progresses, so there are multiple storylines that can play out depending on the player’s actions.

The bacteria infested primal humans in The Day After are called Outbursters and are all at different levels of infection. The bacteria is also supposed to adapt to repetitive attacks and learn from them, so players will have to change up their attack strategies constantly to stay ahead of the curve. As the reader can see in the teaser below, the game looks to be pretty intense, check it out:


As this open-world survival horror game progresses and Noah continues to influence the storyline, the player will start to see consequences from their actions, so make sure that every choice you make counts. The game will have both a co-op game mode and a PvP mode that will be properly announced next week. Coconut Games says to look for a price of around $15-$20 on Steam sometime this September and hopefully a console release sometime in the future.

So what do the players think of The Day After? Is it something you’d be interested in playing? Let us know in the comment section below and then if you haven’t already, head over to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page for the hottest gaming news 24/7. Have you seen the new Final Fantasy 12 trailers? They highlight the music from the game’s original soundtrack and you can check them out here!

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