New Prey Gameplay Premiered at The Game Awards

Prey gameplay

Prey has been one of the games where it is hard not to get excited about it. Space. Mystery. Creatures. What is not to love? We can tell you what there isn’t to love, but that’s a waste of time. We are here to bring you lovely things and we certainly wouldn’t dare tell you what not to like. Actually, we don’t dislike anything about Prey at all. We’re just testing you! Ha! Got you! Now, sit around and listen to a tale as old as time. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Prey gameplay is alive, well, and abundant!

In the video debuted at The Game Awards, we get to see the brilliance that is gameplay of the remake of Prey. Wow, that’s a mouthful. This Prey gameplay will bring you to other places along with the ability of becoming a coffee mug? You read that as correctly as I am sure about it. Don’t want to be a coffee mug? That’s cool, but you might not get very far. The video has the president of Arkane and the lead designer of Prey show us around the Talos 1 as they search for a certain scientist. Along the way, we experience the myriad creatures running around, the ways to solve problems(weapons and such), and the tools we’ll need to be successful. One of the main tools/weapons is the GLOO Cannon, which allows players to freeze enemies and destroy them, mimic other objects(the mug mentioned earlier), traverse areas that may be hard to reach by creating your own matter to climb on, and even seal pipes that shoot out flames. Quite the useful tool! Overall, the Prey gameplay looks beautiful, seems incredibly intuitive, and the mechanics seem outstanding. Combine everything with that rich, sci-fi story and aesthetic, and we just may have a hit on our hands. PC, PS4, and Xbox One players will have to wait until Spring of 2017 to get their hands on Prey. Until then, you can find the Prey gameplay video right here.

What do you think, gamers? Do you think the remake is the way to go, or should they have continued with the sequel? Let us know in the comments! Before you go doing that, though, check this out. Hideo Kojima debuted a new Death Stranding trailer and it looks amazing. Seriously, you need to go check it out, and be sure to stay tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers because we bring the news hard and fast. That’s it. No joke. That wasn’t the setup for anything. Move along, but don’t forget to comment below. We love hearing from you!

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