New Legend of Zelda Game In The Works, Xenoblade Devs Go On Hiring Spree

Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise will never cease to exist as long as gamers do. Known worldwide as a classic series that tells the tale of heroism, bravery, and adventure, the developers are preparing another epic undertaking for fans everywhere. The next entry in the Legend of Zelda family has been in development less than a year after Breath of the Wild launched in early 2017. Recent job listings on Monolith Soft’s website beckons more personnel, which can only mean heavy development plans are taking place.

Recognized for their work on the Xenoblade Chronicles series and contribution to Breath of the Wild’s environment design, Monolith Software listed a variety of positions available for work on a brand new Legend of Zelda game. they’re currently on the look-out for designers, programmers, technical artists and more. Based on Monolith’s involvement with open-world experiences, perhaps Link’s next endeavor will be as well?

The critical-acclaim that Breath of the Wild received as Game of the Year in 2017 will be tough to beat, but it’s a goal fans are sure to anticipate in the coming years. Much of the current development stages of the next Zelda game is behind closed doors, but as the game furthers along, Nintendo won’t hesitate to throw us teasers.

In other L.o.Z. news, a remake of Link’s Awakening (1993) heads to the Nintendo Switch later this year. In addition to that, the big N gave creative license to independent developer Brace Yourself Games to create a lovely new adventure titled “Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer.” It’s as good a time as any to fall in love with the franchise all over again!

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