New Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Details Combat, Exploration, And More (VIDEO)

New Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Details Exploration, Combat Gameplay, And More (VIDEO)

While many were hoping that today’s PlayStation State of Play would involve any sort of news or update for the PlayStation 5, the entirety of the presentation instead featured none other than the PS4’s Ghost of Tsushima. Recently getting its official release date pushed out to mid-July, the massive new Ghost of Tsushima gameplay trailer revealed loads of new details regarding combat, exploration, and a few of the other facets from the game.

The new presentation serves as yet another reminder that Ghost of Tsushima is an absolutely gorgeous game that utilizes the full extent of the PlayStation 4’s capabilities. Unfortunately, the sound from the initial presentation was a couple seconds ahead of the video, though it by no means ruins the presentation. Check it out below:


Exploring the massive open world of Ghost of Tsushima as Jin is made streamlined by the use of nature. Players can follow Gusts of Wind to help determine where to go next, while visual cues such as smokestacks will help Jin determine where people need his assistance. In regards to hunting collectibles, foxes play a pivotal role by leading Jin to hidden shrines that will lead him to unlockable gear slots and other benefits.

New Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Details Combat, Exploration, And More (VIDEO)


Sucker Punch has rightfully determined that one should not make a game about samurai warriors without having a sort of ‘standoff’ feature. Said feature allows Jin to call out an enemy for a lethal confrontation, not unlike what we’ve come to know and appreciate from samurai cinema.

Jin can choose to go in proverbial guns blazing, or he can act as a true Ghost of Tsushima by sneaking around and using deception and tools to silently subdue the opposition. Such tools include throwable wind chimes that distract the enemy, and grappling ropes that allow Jin to more easily traverse the environment.

New Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Details Combat, Exploration, And More (VIDEO)


As noted in the presentation, Jin is shown wearing a few different outfits while he works to accomplish different tasks. According to Sucker Punch, each outfit Jin can obtain will offer different benefits that will make certain tasks easier, so players will likely spend some time figuring out which outfit is the right one for the job, depending on their preferred playstyle. Jin can also equip unique charms that augment his tools and enable certain perks to be used.

New Ghost Of Tsushima Trailer Details Combat, Exploration, And More (VIDEO)

Special Modes

Towards the end of the presentation, Sucker Punch reveals that Ghost of Tsushima comes with its own full-fledged photo mode. The mode allows players to freeze Jin while allowing the environment and his clothing to move freely. Combining this with wind effects that can be activated and tweaked should lead to some amazing visuals and gameplay clips.

In regards to actually playing the game, Sucker Punch notes that players can activate a Japanese voice track right from the beginning of a playthrough. Those looking to go the full old fashioned route will be glad to hear that the game also comes with a black & white color mode, something that fans have been hoping for ever since a black & white filter was added to the game’s original reveal trailer a couple years back. This is another option that can be selected right from the beginning of the game.

All in all, Ghost of Tsushima looks to be a stunning late addition to the PlayStation 4 library, one that will almost undoubtedly get a release on the PlayStation 5 after the console arrives later this year. Ghost of Tsushima releases exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th, 2020.

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