Minecraft Battle Map Pack 4- 3 New Terrains to Explore Are Here (VIDEO)

Since 2009, gamers across the world have delved into the world of Minecraft. This sandbox game has given players a creative outlet for well over 7 years and with each new spin-off that has released, the hype for this construction-based game of wits has only grown. Now, with the release of the Minecraft Battle mini game, fans have been eager for the latest updates and maps to extend their pixelated world of creativity further. Enter Minecraft Battle Map Pack 4 – fully equipped with three brand new maps to explore as you build and battle your way to glory.

Minecraft Battle Map Pack 4 is available for purchase now on the Microsoft Store and the PlayStation Store ($3 for Xbox and $5 for PlayStation).  Released on October 25th, Mojang has given players three new areas to explore and battle their friends through: Dig, Shrunk, and Frontier. Supplementing the previous maps released for the battle mini-game, Mojang released the official description to both Microsoft and PlayStation stores to give players an idea of exactly what awaits them:

Battle Map Pack 4 is here, featuring 3 magnificent new maps! Creep through the deserted, snowbound Dig, slog it out amid the over-sized furniture of Shrunk and hoedown before you showdown in the dusty Frontier.

Still not enough? Check out the video below and see exactly how cool these new maps look!

If this is something that looks right up your alley, previous map packs for the Battle mini game are available on both PlayStation and Microsoft stores with a MP season pass available from Microsoft for $9.99. Still want more? Check out the latest news on Xboxand PlayStation to keep you in the know about all your favorite games, both old and brand new.

What do you think of the new map pack? Are you a Minecraft aficionado? Give us a shout out and let us know in the comments below what kind of battle your creative journey has taken you on!


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