Lionsgate Reveals Our First Look at The New Megazord for The Power Rangers Film

If you’re a child of the 90’s, chances are that you’ve been following Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Ranger movie either with marked anticipation or dubious caution. Now before we get into the updated Megazord let’s recap what we know so far. We got our first look at the ranger’s updated spandex-free suits earlier this year and although the new look was meet with mixed reactions from fans, shortly after that the studio released character posters which featured the gang helmet-less accompanied by their zords to a much more favorable response. The film’s director Dean Israelite described the teen heroes by saying “the cast embodies the spirit of the original Rangers and who they were.”


Just last month following New York Comic Con, fans were treated to a teaser trailer along with more details including character bios as well as a new synopsis. Morst recently, we’ve gotten our first look at what the new Megazord may look like in the film. The reveal of the giant robot comes from the franchise’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts and shows an image of the new Megazord in toy form. The new look is definitely a departure from the original design but it does seem to be consistent with the overall look and feel of the film from everything we’ve seen so far. Check out the upgraded Megazord below:

It’s important we note that studios start toy design many times long before production on a film has wrapped and so with that being said it’s entirely possible that we could see some altered version of the above design make it into the final film. In some cases, a property’s ability to sell toys is the difference in the project making it to the big screen or not. Saban’s Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.

What do you think of the Megazord’s new duds? Are you looking forward to seeing the re-imagining of the morphin’ teen heroes? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments below and as always keep a tab open on Don’t Feed The Gamers for all the video game and other news you need to know.


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