Here’s What Was in That Letter Arya Found in Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep 5 (SPOILERS)

Fans of Game of Thrones are inching closer and closer to what is sure to be an explosive finale. After a premiere that left watchers stunned in their seats, season 7 has only continued to enrapture and engage its audience with loose ends being tied up and conflicts coming to a full head. In episode 5 ‘Eastwatch’, Littlefinger began to make moves, Jaime had to make a few decisions, and Jon Snow began to see Danny in a different light. But one notable thing that happened was a tiny missive that Arya found. Caution for those who have yet to see the newest episode, spoilers are ahead.

Littlefinger is always scheming but one person that knows his game is little sister to Sansa, Arya Stark. This “no one” kept close tabs on this manipulative player in the great game but little did she know, he was in on it the whole time. As she trailed him making deals to what later turned out to be the acquisition of a certain letter, he was pulling the strings to create a wider rift between the two sisters. So what did the letter say that Arya found hidden in his room?

If you’re a long-time watcher of the series, you may remember a certain scene (seen above) from Season 1 where Cersei threatened Sansa into writing a letter to “prove her loyalty” behest of … you guessed it: Littlefinger.

The letter, in full, reads:

Robb, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our good king Robert is dead, killed from wounds he took in a boar hunt. Father has been charged with treason. He conspired with Robert’s brothers against my beloved Joffrey and tried to steal his throne. The Lannisters are treating me very well and provide me with every comfort. I beg you: come to King’s Landing, swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife between the great houses of Lannister and Stark.”

The showrunners in the post-credits interview went into details about Littlefinger’s scheme notating that he knows the only way he could have a chance at survival is to gain Sansa’s loyalty and ensure that she would stand with him. Arya proved to be a threat to that protection, so of course he is doing what he does best – making plans.

The next episode airs on Sunday nights on HBO and in that, we’ll see Snow and company taking on the white walkers, the Targaryen house making negotiations, and see if Arya can catch Littlefinger mid-scheme before it’s too late. What are your thoughts on this season so far? Who are you rooting for to take the Iron Throne? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to catch DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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