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For a lot of us, this time of year is uncomfortably cold and filled with nights where you just want to hunker down with your favourite game and wrap yourself up like the giant-sized burrito you were always meant to be. Trust me, I get it. So when I got my hands on some of the most comfortable blankets that represented one of my favourite games of all time from Lazy Shift? My human-burrito levels intensified and it was glorious.

Lazy Shift is a company whose motto is “I just wanna chill”. You can’t go wrong with that. Below is directly from their site and completely embodies why we here at DFTG love these guys:

Lazy Shift represents a time – a time that occurs when we finally decide to clock out of our daily grind. We work hard. We train hard. We play hard. Dude, we’re busy. To people like you and I, nothing is better than getting comfortable and just doing nothing but chilling. To people like you and I, nothing is better than getting comfortable and just doing nothing.. but chilling. Whatever it is that you do after kicking butt all day, in the end we all deserve to clock back in … to our very own Lazy Shift.”

Their stock of cozy blankets is constantly changing, which is nice on the prowl for the latest in chill-wear. My favourites though? You know my inner gamer couldn’t pass up their design based off one of my favourite game franchises of all time: Contra. I got out my action figures, fished out my SNES to play Contra III, and bundled up for the perfect day away from the cold and fully immersed into my own nostalgic paradise.

My second favourite design is the one in blue with its instantly recognizable HP (Health Potion) and MP (Mana Potion) symbols and the beloved 8-bit heart. Game in comfort, man – game in comfort. The blankets themselves are approximately queen size, XXL 60″ x 70″. It’s easy to power up when you’re not having to struggle with the standard throw size that barely covers your ankles.

You can also find this awesome team over on their Facebook page and their Instagram. They also do reviews for games, movies, books, and more – which is pretty convenient when you’re looking for something to entertain yourself within your hour of prime comfort. We definitely recommend this company if you’re looking for yourself or for an extra gift for friends and family. Prompt shipping, excellent service, and a super rad community. What more could you want?

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