Kingdom Hearts III Director Talks About the Game’s Long Development Process

Kingdom Hearts III Director Talks About the Game's Long Development Process

After an almost 15-year wait, Kingdom Hearts III is finally on the horizon. While many fans are simply thankful that the wait is over, others are still wondering why on earth it took Square Enix so long to produce the third console entry in the series. Thankfully, one of the game directors for the upcoming title was on hand to explain the ‘why’ behind the lengthy development period.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Kingdom Hearts III game co-director revealed once and for all why it took so long to finish development on the game. According to Yasue, much of this had to do with replacing the game’s engine, a step made necessary due to the original technology in use being made obsolete. “Our current engine is great in terms of developing a high end AAA title,” Yasue said.

But because there was a change in technology and work flows, it took some time for the team to adapt and adjust.”

The explanation is certainly understandable, though fans likely won’t be satisfied until the game is finally out and in their hands. To that end, Yasue ended his statement with a heartfelt message to those that have been waiting since the release of Kingdom Hearts II. “I’m truly sorry to have kept everyone waiting for so long!” he said. “It took a while, but we really wanted to make sure the game met everyone’s expectations. I hope, more than I’ve hoped for anything else in my 20 years of making games, that you all enjoy it.”

Kingdom Hearts finally launches on January 29, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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