Jump Into a New Reality With This Witcher Noir Fan Art Series

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from CD Project Red is a fantastic fantasy genre game that follows the exploits of Geralt of Rivia, famed Witcher, monster hunter, occasional philanthropist and all around badass. Geralt tries to stay out of politics and espionage and stick to hunting monsters and collecting the rewards yet somehow he keeps getting dragged into situations which tend to leave an impact on a pretty large scale. Since the game released we have seen some truly fantastic artistic representations from the fan community. The most common mediums being through cosplay and fan art. A select few artists took it upon themselves to combine the two and recreated some truly inspiring Witcher Noir fan art with truly inspired cosplay.

Below you can see a Witcher Noir fan art series recreated by talented cosplayers and digital artists. The cosplayers include such talented people as Toph Wei, who is reprising her cosplay of Ciri, Anna Kreuz  as the enchanting Triss Merigold, Iris as the mysterious and sultry Yennefer Vandenberg, and of course Andrew Moscow takes on the role of the legendary Witcher Geralt of Rivia. The set was photographed and compiled by Russian photographer and artist known on Deviant Art as MilliganVick. Original fan art was created by Deviant Art user astoralexander, you can see the original fan art in a gallery here.

As fans of Detective Noir and the Witcher games I’m sure that we can’t be the only ones going nuts for these amazing works of art. What do you guys think? We’d love to nerd out in the comments section so feel free to throw in your thoughts! Be sure to stick around DFTG if ya know what’s good for ya see, a little bird told me we got the latest news for gaming and he sang like a canary!

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