Razer Introduces a Way to “Chromafy” Your Beverage of Choice – Because Why Not?

Chroma Series Coaster

Razer is one of the top PC accessory companies out there. They manufacture and sell a variety of peripherals such as keyboards, gaming mice, mousepads, webcams, speakers, headsets, and more. One of their most popular series of products are their Chroma devices. The Chroma series have full spectrum RGB (red, green, and blue lights that make up other colors) lighting effects that are programmable to give users full customization of their devices. Let’s face it, we love pretty and shiny things, so when Razer makes a product like the Firefly Chroma, a rigid mousepad that lights up, we tend to be drawn to the products. Now, Razer has made a Chroma series coaster. Seriously.

Chroma Series Coaster

The coaster, reportedly, comes with a metal mug baring the the Tri-Snake Razer logo. The mug itself isn’t bad to look at. It’s black with the company’s logo embossed on the sides of the surface, but is barely visible. Other than being a neat brand loyal mug, there’s not much else to it. The real treat is the coaster. The coaster plugs into your PC via USB and not only does this light the coaster up, but it is also is controllable through the Razer Synapse program. Through Synapse, you can sync the coaster to your other Chroma devices or create a separate effect.

The Chroma series coaster even has settings within Synapse to display one set of color effects when the mug is resting on it and a separate effect when the mug is removed. To further the customization options, users can set a drinking timer to remind them to take a drink. Enabling this will make the device flash a color of your choosing at a time interval of your choosing to give you a friendly reminder to hydrate during those binge gaming sessions.

Chroma series coaster


As of right now, the coaster and mug aren’t available for purchase.  That may be a good thing for those of us that would have to present the argument to our significant other, “but it lights up!” Even so, we do have to admit that it would be kind of cool to have, especially if you already have Chroma peripherals. Would you buy a Razer Chroma series coaster and mug set? Let us know in the comments section below. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get all of your gaming news as soon as it drops.

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