New Jump Force Trailer Shows Yugi Muto In Action (VIDEO)

While we knew Yugi would be making his way into the Jump Force roster with some of his signature cards, we haven’t seen much of him beyond a couple screenshots for the game.  Yu-Gi-Oh fans have been wondering what exactly his character will look like in Gameplay, given his roots in a turn-based environment.  How will he fare when the action is all real time? Well, Bandai Namco has delivered by revealing a trailer featuring our favorite duelist duking it out with some other trademark Jump stars. Check it out below:

Well, that was pretty intense and it looks like we have a bit to unpack here. First of all, it seems that it won’t be just ol’ normal Yugi we’ll be playing as. This is pretty clearly Yami Yugi, the form Yugi takes on when the spirit pharaoh sealed within the Millennium Puzzle manifests himself in Yugi’s body. Eagle-eyed fans will be able to pick this out given the golden hair on Yugi’s head standing up.

Folks might also recognize a few familiar faces from Yugi’s deck such as Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and Silfer the Sky Dragon. Yugi seems to point whenever they attack so get used to hearing “Dark Magic Attack” on repeat. It also looks like some of his characters can combine for larger attacks so prepare for full-on anime bombast when pairing him up against DBZ and One Piece characters.

Jump Force will be coming out in February 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Bandai Namco will be running a closed beta from October 12-14 on Xbox and PS4 so hurry up and sign up for a slot here! Are you excited to play as the King of Games in Jump Force? Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more Jump Force character reveals and check out these other great stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:


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