Jump Force: Two More ‘One Piece’ Characters Join The Roster

The beloved manga and anime series One Piece will be featured prominently in the upcoming Shonen Jump crossover fighter Jump Force.  We already got a look at Monkey D. Luffy in the reveal trailer for the game back at E3 2018 and featured characters such as Naruto and Goku putting whoopin’ Frieza from Dragon Ball Z.

The trailer also offered a fleeting glimpse at the flagship for the Straw Hat Pirates, the Thousand Sunny, lodged into the side of the building.  And it looks like there’s even more for fans of One Piece to get excited about as Gematsu has confirmed that Sanji and Marshall D. Teach will be joining the roster.  For those unaware, Marshall Teach is the real name for the infamous pirate known as “Blackbeard.”

It’s assumed that Blackbeard will use a heavier move set that will make use of his towering durability and superhuman strength.  Perhaps Sanji, on the other hand, will have some kind of abilities that make the use of his chef background.  Some Mr. Game & Watch style bacon hurling perhaps?  We can only hope!

The story also revealed that Gon and Hisoka of the Hunter X Hunter series will be joining the game as well, bringing the total series represented in Jump Force to 5.  Hopefully we hear more on what other franchisea the game will pull characters from.

Are you excited for the most ambitious anime crossover game ever?  Be sure to check back in on our Twitter to hear about all the new characters added to the Jump Force roster.  Be sure to read some of these other fantastic stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:



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