Specially Designed Hori PS4 Controller Will Give You That Xbox Feel

Xbox controllers are well-crafted in functionality and comfort. Whether you have large hands or prefer the ergonomic design, it has a very comfortable place in console gaming. With that being said, years can change a person and their preferences for console alliance. Those switching from Xbox to PlayStation 4, for example, may have a hard time getting comfortable with the DualShock 4. Thankfully, that’s where the specially designed Hori PS4 controllers come in.

Officially licensed controllers for the PlayStation 4 console, beginning this week the “Onyx” wireless controller from Hori will be making its debut. It features Bluetooth connectivity with standard vibration motors, touch pad, an asymmetrical joy sticks. They work on both the regular and Pro versions of the PS4. Though it functions the same as a regular peripheral, the design imitates a much more comfortable hold.

The only unfortunate aspect of this release is the fact that the Hori PS4 controller is only being marketed in the European region, arriving January 15th, 2018. Currently, there have been no prospects for North America, but here’s to hoping. There are plenty of gamers out there with a preference for the Xbox controller feel…just on a different console.

What do you think about a Xbox design on the Hori PS4 controller? Should this have happened sooner or is it unnecessary? Let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here’s some of our latest:

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