Heroes of the Storm Character Zul’jin Abilities Featured in New Warcraft Video

Zul’jin was revealed just a month ago for Warcraft’s Heroes of the Storm. Released with a patch yesterday, the new character is  gearing up to be a solid contender with a high skill-cap. The video below details all of the features coming with this new character!

Zul’jin is an aggressive ranged assassin. His abilities are centered around his dual throwing axes, each move having special abilities or damage. For basic attacks, Grevious Throw launches an axe at the first two enemies in range and leaving a mark for 8 seconds that allows for a 50% damage bonus for the next 3 basic attacks. Twin Cleave on the other hand uses both axes, throwing them in a circular arc, with the damage comes a slowing effect of 15% per ax for a total of 2 seconds.

Zul’jin also has a regeneration ability that allows for a 25% health build for 4 seconds. If the player moves or takes damage however, this will interrupt the effect. In addition to the basic moves is a bolstering ability called “Berserker”. This ability, which can be toggled on and off at will, allows for a 25% damage increase per attack, but at the cost of 2% health for every attack. For every 1% health lost, Zul’jin also gains a 1% increase in attack speed while in this mode.

There are also some pretty epic heroic abilities for Zul’jin. Taz’dingo makes the character unkillable for a total of 4 seconds, meaning the character cannot be reduced to health less than 1 (watch out after this wears off!). The other ability available for the new character is Guillotine. Zul’jin throws a massive guillotine blade up into the air and brings it down on enemies in the area. The lower health the troll has, the greater damage it does.

The list of talents is extensive, but Zul’jin is promising to be a competitive addition to Heroes of the Storm! Pair this assassin with the right support and he may be nearly unstoppable. Along with the new character, the update includes some balance changes. new armor for a few of the characters and adjustments for others, and an improvement on Azmodan’s “All Shall Burn”. The full patch notes are available here!

Are you excited for the addition of Zul’jin? Have you played the character since the release of the patch? Sound off in the comments below!

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