Halo: Reach PC Release Date Officially Confirmed (VIDEO)

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Originally released in 2010, it’s been a faithful 9 years since many experienced Halo: Reach in its glory days on Xbox 360. After months of speculative talk of its impending drop to PC, Xbox officially confirmed a release date for later this year. There isn’t much left in 2019 to relive the epic story of the war between Earth and the Covenant. Check out Halo: Reach in all its enhanced glory below:

“The UNSC stronghold on the planet Reach and the Spartans of Noble Team are all that remains between Earth and an encroaching Covenant threat, hell-bent on the destruction of humanity,” reads the official Halo blog about Halo: Reach. “From the highly-acclaimed Campaign to co-op Firefight to competitive Multiplayer, Halo: Reach for The Master Chief Collection looks and plays better than ever at 60FPS with 4K UHD support. And now, for the first time, experience the epic origins of the Master Chief’s saga on PC with new features, optimizations, and customization options built for the platform.”

Arriving December 3rd, the PC port for Halo: Reach will catapult Halo fans back to 2010 with epic combat, music, and storyline with enhanced graphics and improved gameplay mechanics. Despite being an older game, lots of love and hours were placed into bringing Reach to PC. Thanks to Prima Games, senior producer of the studio behind the port, George Wright, said:

Some out there may think it’s ‘just a lot of copy and paste’ to get things to work but making games at the quality level players expect is most definitely not that simple. A project can have hundreds, or even thousands, of people working towards one central goal: creating fun! It is a beautiful and unique process that each studio handles with finesse and flair that helps create a unique brand of magic.”

Those of whom purchased the Master Chief Collection for Xbox One, the Halo: Reach campaign will be available as a “premium add-on” for $9.99 (USD).The multiplayer modes of Reach (i.e. PvP, Forge, and Theater) will be available at no cost to players that purchased the aforementioned bundle with a free update. That’s pretty sweet!

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Halo: Reach heads to PC on December 3rd, 2019 with pre-orders available now.

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