Gotham’s Season 4 Trailer Sets A Violent Tone For Young Bruce Wayne (VIDEO)


Over the past weekend, San Diego Comic Con featured a whole slew of new updates for fans of all mediums. One of the latest updates that fans discovered during the weekend-long fest, regards a little show we like to call Gotham: a television series that weaves the history and youth of Gotham City’s most famous hero, Bruce Wayne, and the trials and tribulations (and seemingly, a descent into madness) for Detective James Gordon, before he became the Police Commissioner we know him as. The show was previously renewed for a fourth season not too long after last season’s shocking finale, and this past weekend gave a sneak-peek into what the latest episodes have in store. A little hint: there’s a lot of violence coming our way. Check out the SDCC trailer below to see the violence in action:

Seen in the trailer, this video features a montage of scenes from season 3, perfectly capturing the feel of the show’s slow descent into carnage. This extended trailer then easily slips into a preview of what is to come foe the viewers, and what kind of nightmare the main characters will have to deal with when the series’ latest story arc premiers in just a few short weeks. From revealing a shocking scene where young Bruce comes face to face with the grim reality of taking another man’s life, to the reveal of Scarecrow as this year’s main antagonist, the upcoming episodes really promise a hell of a story arc fraught with violence, secrets and mayhem. It was also revealed that Crystal Reed will be playing Sofia Falcone, further connecting older characters to new as the plot continues to weave its tale of the rise of Batman and the events that shaped both the city and its iconic villains. Gotham season 4 is due to premiere on September 28th this year, so make sure to mark those calendars and don’t miss a moment of this exciting new season!

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