Friday The 13th: The Game Will Not Have Any Future Content

13th Updates Postponed

While its release was maligned with issues both technical and opinion, Friday the 13th brought the iconic Jason Vorhees to the horror survival multiplayer genre in an entertaining fashion.  Replicating scenarios from the first two movies, players took control of one of the many camp counselors as they tried to avoid Jason and find a way out of the camp.  The game also offered players the chance to take control of our favorite hockey-masked murderer and stalk the hapless teens through the woods, even in his weird old purple and green outfit from the NES Game.

Developers Gun Media and Illfonic have supported the game through multiple patches including gameplay balancing, new councilors, offline bot support, councilor skins, and new skins for Jason that confer new abilities to the player! There were also confirmations of a Jason X skin in the works as well as a map of the Grendel Spaceship from that film, however, it seems like we might have some bad news in regards to that.

The developers confirmed in a blog post that they no longer will be supporting the game with additional content due to legal disputes involving Friday the 13th’s original scriptwriter. This dispute didn’t affect the game upon release but it does now affect all future content the game could potentially get. The developers were not clear on when they’d be able to release this content with the legal action going on so they have decided to stop development on the DLC to focus on other projects.  The post also stated that bug fixes are still ongoing and that Dedicated Servers would still be coming to the game at a future date. Jason X and Grendel will not be coming to the game, despite both briefly appearing in the game’s virtual cabin mode.

Are you bummed about the news about Friday The 13th?  What are some of your favorite memories of running from, or hunting as, Jason?  Comment below or send us a tweet!  Be sure to follow Don’t Feed The Gamers for more information on this and other stories!


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