Final Fantasy VIII Director Wants To See A Remake Developed By Younger Staff

Final Fantasy VIII Director Wants To See A Remake Developed By Younger Staff

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered released to much success last month, providing fans of the game with the easiest means to play the classic FF title on current-gen consoles. Given the remaster’s success and the upcoming arrival of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, talks on the viability of a full-blown remake for Final Fantasy VIII have once again begun to spread throughout the internet. Now, Final Fantasy VIII game director Yoshinori Kitase has opened up about the possibility of the game getting a remake with the same scope as that of FF7R.

In a recent interview with Famitsu via Siliconera, Yoshinori Kitase provided his thoughts on a possible remake for FF8. According to Kitase-san, he would like to see it happen at some point, though it would be up to the younger folks working at Square Enix to make it happen. “If the youth that inherits the genes of Final Fantasy can step up and do it, then I’d like to see it made,” he said.

For Final Fantasy VII Remake, the project started from my desire to make Final Fantasy VII with today’s technology while I’m still here at Square Enix. So I’d like to see it [Final Fantasy VIII Remake] done by the youth of Square Enix.”

There is of course no telling when – and even if – a Final Fantasy VIII remake would happen. Square Enix currently has their hands full finishing up development on the first entry of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and chances are there will need to be at least two full games that come after that to adequately tell the story while keeping up proper pacing. Still, at least we know FF8 isn’t too far removed from the developer’s minds.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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