Final Fantasy VII Remake Casts Voice Actor For “An Old Favorite”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Casts Voice Actor For "An Old Favorite"

It has already been a long and arduous road for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, with the title having officially been announced back in 2015 and likely still years away from its release. With the exception of some vague but clarifying status updates, there hasn’t been any concrete details that have come from the Square Enix camp. Thankfully, a clever Redditor has discovered that a voice actor by the name of Joe Weber has been cast for the game, and will be providing the voice of “an old favorite.”

Redditor lunaticuss discovered that Twitter user Joe Weber listed the Final Fantasy VII Remake under their bio, prompting another user to ask Weber on Twitter to confirm whether or not he was involved with the game. Weber happily admitted that he is involved with the development of the game, and went a step further to say that he plays “an old favorite.”

Once the proverbial cat was out of the bag, Weber went on to say that the character he is voicing in the remake is a member of AVALANCHE. Obviously this drastically reduces the number of potential characters he could be playing, with the possible choices being Biggs, Wedge, or Barret.

Afterwards, Joe Weber was asked if all the voice acting had been wrapped for the game. “Not yet,” Weber replied. “It’s been a long process as they continue to develop the game. They want to make sure it’s as perfect as possible for the fans.”

E3 2019 is of course a potential outlet for new Final Fantasy VII Remake news, as is the newly announced FF7 concert that is set to take place just a few days before the expo begins. Either way, we’ve much to look forward to this June. Here’s hoping that FF7 shows up.

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