Final Fantasy VII Remake Releases Heartwarming 13-Minute TV Spot (VIDEO)

Final Fantasy VII Remake Releases Heartwarming 13-Minute TV Spot (VIDEO)

The upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake promises to bring both the older and newer generations of gamers together, with Square Enix providing fans with that iconic dose of Final Fantasy nostalgia while also offering those new to the series a perfect entry point, one that refreshes the story of FF7 while offering modern-day visuals and game mechanics. As such, many of the folks that have played the original Final Fantasy VII have found themselves explaining to those unaware what makes the game so great, which is essentially the premise of the recently released Final Fantasy VII Remake TV spot.

Square Enix released a 7-minute long TV spot in Japan that centers around a couple, with the man having never played the original game and the woman talking to him about how excited she is for the remake. After realizing how much of an impact the game has had on his significant other, the man resolves to get a PS4 so that they can play the Remake together. The 7-minute TV spot is reportedly the longest ad to ever air on Japanese television, and it wasn’t even the whole thing: the full version is 13 minutes long and fleshes out the story even more. Check it out below:

As it was a TV spot released in Japan, it’s entirely in Japanese, though those that have some sort of emotional connection with the original Final Fantasy VII should still feel something while watching the story. The TV spot does a fine job of reminding folks just how impactful the Final Fantasy VII Remake will likely be, and chances are it will be talked about for years to come.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

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