Fallout 76 Toilet Paper Is Being Hoarded And Sold For Crazy Prices

Fallout 76 Toilet Paper Is Being Hoarded And Sold For Crazy Prices

It’s been more than a week since a significant portion of the country has gone on some level of social distancing, leaving the beloved pastime of video games as a crucial source of escapism for many. Thanks to online gaming and companies like AT&T and Comcast helping by removing data restrictions, friends have been able to find human connection without risking contamination. Humor has also been a big method of coping, with gamers choosing to laugh through the pains of self-quarantines. Such is the case with players choosing to hoard Fallout 76 toilet paper and sell it for insane prices.

A message to whoever bought my 4 toilet paper rolls for 450 caps each. from r/fo76

As reported on Prima Games, reports from players have seen a trend of users hoarding Fallout 76 toilet paper, and having people purchase it for ludicrous amounts. The trend first caught attention when Reddit user HistoricPigDog mentioned that someone bought 4 rolls of their stock of toilet paper for 450 caps a piece. Several other Fallout 76 players responded to this sharing similar transactions that they happened to be a part of, with one user claiming that they sold their only roll for 20,000 caps.

It’s great to see that Fallout 76 players have found a way to keep themselves occupied and laughing as they eagerly await the new Wastelanders update, which will finally bring NPC characters to the game when it arrives on April 7th. Given the seemingly early apocalyptic state our world is in right now, that alternate version of an apocalypse certainly cannot come any sooner.

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