Fallout 4 New Vegas Mod Developers Release Update and Screenshots

Fallout 4 fans are celebrating. A brand new total conversion mod came out online last week in early alpha using the Fallout 4 creation engine to recreate the entirety of Fallout: New Vegas. From the quests and characters, to the world itself – the world of Fallout 4 just got a lot bigger.

With the mod and recreation so warmly received by the fans and community of the post-apocalyptic survival RPG franchise, the mod’s development team released teasers including some game details and some truly amazing screenshots. Blog posts on the Fallout 4: New Vegas mod’s official site points to development staff being crazy busy as they build new locations, smoothing game mechanics, and all the other general tasks that make a high quality gameplay mod using this engine so spectacular.

“On the development front for this week, work was spent primarily working on our worldspace. Between polishing existing locations and pre-terraforming other parts of the world, our Level Design team have had their hands full getting things looking and feeling good. The screenshots with this weeks devlog showcase the area between Goodsprings and Jean, with a nice selection of different previews of the lighting scheme we’re aiming for.”

The gorgeous screenshots the Fallout 4: New Vegas mod development team included (below) show they have made some solid progress, leaving Fallout 4 fans drooling in anticipation of the final product. They aren’t stopping there, however, and the team hints in the blog posts about more “great stuff” upcoming with some extra content “lined up for the coming weeks.”

With the massive amount of content to reconfigure and the quality they need to match and supercede, the developers definitely have their work cut out for them. The development team seems to be up to the task, , and plans seem to be in place to release the mod sometime in 2018.

Let us know what you think of the new mod in development in the comment section below. What else would you like to see come to the Wasteland? For updates to this story and 24/7 live gaming and entertainment news, don’t forget to check out DTFG on Twitter.


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