Dragon of the North DLC for Nioh Finally Gets a Release Date – “Be Well Prepared to Take on Your Foes”

The Dragon of the North DLC for Nioh has an official release date tied to its announcement, thanks to Team Ninja. The upcoming DLC will be made available come May 2nd as creative director Tom Lee took to the PlayStation blog to discuss what players can expect with upcoming content:

This new chapter picks up after William’s valiant victory in restoring peace to Japan. In keeping with the tradition of our inspiration through Japanese history and mythology, the central character for this new chapter is based on Lord Masamune Date, the ruler of the Sendai feudal domain in the Keicho Era (about 400 years ago). In our opinion, his personality and exploits in history lend himself to become a key player to contend with in the story.

With the upcoming release of Dragon of the North, PvP will be an addition that players can look forward to for PlayStation Plus members. For those looking to enjoy the upcoming DLC, including the PvP aspect, Dragon of the North is included in the Season pass for Nioh and it retails for 25 USD. The pass also includes Defiant Honor and Bloodshed’s End as is a better deal for Nioh fans looking to enjoy every expansion. If each DLC pack were to be purchased individually, the price point does go up.

Lee did go into a little more detail about a new character, one based on Masamune Date from the Keicho Era:

Masamune is a well-known historical figure who is both brilliant and ruthless. Although he was an exceptional leader; his ambition and lust for power blinded him to all else. He was known for being an impulsive leader who was wildly arrogant of his abilities — believing he was superior to most men, yet at the same time greatly devoted to the his land and subjects. We found this disparity in his personality to be something that we could utilize to create a memorable character and a formidable adversary for William.

To read more about the narrative surrounding Dragon of the North, including more about the Oshu region, you can check out what Tom Lee had to say right here. For more on Nioh and other gaming and entertainment news, make sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for everything you need to know, live 24/7!

What were your thoughts on the Dark Souls-esque Nioh? Did this PlayStation exclusive live up to the hype? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or start your own thread about it within our Facebook gaming community today.

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