Demon’s Souls Remake Review Round-Up (VIDEO)

Demon's Souls

Ushering in the creature-slaying likes of Darks Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, a modern-remake of 2009’s Demon’s Souls had been the subject of rumors for years, with this year’s PlayStation 5 showcase finally proving the rumors true with developers Bluepoint Games at the helm. Having already brought stunning reimaginings of Shadow of the Colossus and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to the PS4, the studio has appeared to do the same with the classic FromSoftware title for the PS5. By the looks of the extensive footage released so far, everything from the original’s level design, animations, and combat has been faithfully updated to suit modern players, all while also wrapped up in a stunning next-gen visual polish.

As one of the most touted titles in Sony’s new-gen lineup, expectations are particularly large-scale as the game aims to be the first taste of what the new generation can offer. According to emerging reviews, it appears this refreshed version of Demon’s Souls is indeed living up to the hype, with critics especially marveling at the game’s incredible visuals, lightning-fast respawn speeds, and a classicly punishing difficulty. Though a few inevitable “quirks” exist with the new-gen release, the vast majority suggests Demon’s Souls is a worthy retread of the original and offers plenty to enjoy for new and old Souls alike.

Ars Technica – “Don’t Hesitate”

“Also, gosh, it’s nice to only wait about eight seconds after a brutal death for the game to load your next life, instead of two whole minutes. That’s just one of many ways Bluepoint makes the die-and-retry reality of a Souls-like so much easier to savor on a new console like PlayStation 5. If you own one, and you’ve got the patience and stomach for challenge, don’t hesitate to purchase this remastered classic.”

Game Informer – 93/100

“For newcomers, Demon’s Souls will be the first exploration into the duality of despair and triumph, and hopefully go on to become a starting point for new Souls fans. For veterans, it’s a homage to an experiment that kicked off a fantastic genre. Either way, it’s wonderful that the nascent ethers from the original classic have coalesced and given us this delightful treat.”

GameSpot – 90/100

“Quirks aside, Bluepoint’s remake is an unmitigated success. It is a technical tour de force and a true showpiece for the PS5 and the power of Sony’s next-generation console. But, more importantly, it’s also a creative marvel coming from a studio that is clearly showing the world it has its own voice. Bluepoint has taken From Software’s original game and expressed it in a richer and fuller way, and in doing so given me something I thought was impossible: the opportunity to relive the experience of falling in love with Souls games for the first time.”

Polygon – “Unprecedented”

“PlayStation 5 owners are getting something unprecedented: one of the best video games of all time transformed into one of the best-looking games ever.”

Screen Rant – 90/100

“Demon’s Souls PS5 returns to the difficult strategic combat of the original and maintains its resolve in forcing players to figure things out on their own. Graphically, the remake offers a stellar reimagining of the 2009 classic while delivering a bittersweet audio experience. As a launch title for the PlayStation 5, Demon’s Souls has something to offer both Soulsborne veterans who want to see an old favorite shine and newcomers looking for a gritty, sometimes disheartening experience that demands perseverance.”

Demon’s Souls is available now for PlayStation 5. What do you think? Are you excited to see Demon’s Souls remade with such incredible polish, or are you just wondering when FromSoftware’s Bloodborne will get a proper PS5 release? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day!

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