Dead Space Creative Director Shows Off Concept Art On 10th Anniversary

Dead Space Wanat Concept Art

The art of Dead Space helped make the first title one of the best horror games in recent years. In honor of the game’s ten year anniversary, players received new concept art from the game’s creative director.

Ben Wanat served three years as the creative director for the Dead Space franchise. Over on his website, he posted some concept art of what looks like a new RIG. However, he notes that the piece “Started out as another helmet designed but it turned into a Dead Space outfit. It’s only natural that he would struggle to get that game out of his head.

Dead Space Wanat 1 Dead Space Wanat 2 Dead Space Wanat 3 Dead Space Wanat 4 Dead Space Wanat 5 Dead Space Wanat 6

Visceral Games, the now-defunct studio behind Dead Space, showed off the art in a tweet. The post wished fans of the series a happy ten year anniversary. The comment section indicates that what they really want is a new or remastered title, but beggars can’t be choosers. The images show off the stunning detail the series became famous for and bring up loads of nostalgia.

Last year’s closure of Visceral Games by EA likely cost us any shot at a new franchise entry. Considering how the series shifted from solo horror in space to co-op sci-fi action, that may not be a bad thing. However, Wanat previously provided details on a Dead Space 4 story concept that indicated a return to true horror. If Visceral followed through on that plan, this may be one of the greatest losses in gaming history.

That being said, the closing cost fans more than just Dead Space. The alternative history game centered on Jack the Ripper would have been controversial, but it was at least daring. The loss of the studio’s linear Star Wars game stings deeply, as it promised a darker look at the galaxy. The shift away from linear narrative games reeks of greed rather than an appreciation for quality. Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. For now, we must stare at Wanat’s concept art and imagine what might have been.

What do you think, gamers? Do you think we will ever return to the world of Dead Space? What do you think of Wanat’s new concept art? Let us know in the comment section below! To stay in the know on all things gaming, follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter.

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