Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Motion Capture Sex Scenes

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Motion capture capabilities have taken video games to another level of immersive experiences. From capturing realistic motions of wielding weapons, facial movements in conversation, and natural body language, the process has elevated the level of realism within the industry. As one of he most anticipated science-fiction RPGs to come, CD Projekt Red believes sex scenes in Cyberpunk 2077 are no exception to the that. Rule 34, am I right?

Already passing through its final stages of development, Cyberpunk 2077 is readily preparing its launch on April 16th next year. It’s already been revealed that cut scenes and sex will play out in first-person perspective, but recently divulged that the latter part will be motion captured as well. According to Redditor Shavod who attended a CD Projekt Red community meeting, the developers did “a lot of mocap” to the point that it “should satisfy everyone.”

In terms of how far Cyberpunk 2077 will take censorship with sex scenes, Shavod said: “There was a question about censorship regarding the sex scenes. I don’t remember the answer that well, but the general gist of it was that they are providing players with a full freedom regarding their in-game sexual relationships. The second part of the answer I included above, about the mocap for the sex scenes and the amount of them.”

If BioWare sexy times have proven anything – it’s that gamers want to see even more. In terms of other Cyberpunk 2077 features, what are you most thrilled to see? Do you think the industry should go so far as to motion-capture sex? That also begs the question – how far goes too far? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming and entertainment news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

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