The Cuphead Soundtrack Receives A Fitting Vinyl Release

Cuphead Soundtrack

Cuphead has been sparking debates and capturing the hearts of many since its release in September. The 30’s cartoon-inspired title, developed and published by Studio MDHR, has been making waves, even surpassing one million copies sold in its first month. While many have likened the difficulty to that of the Dark Souls franchise, there is no denying that its beautifully nostalgic visuals are incredibly unique for a video game. To go along with the old-timey-ness of everything, the Cuphead soundtrack has received its very own vinyl release.

With jazz and ragtime styles intertwined throughout, and a barbershop quartet, it is only fitting that the Cuphead soundtrack got put on vinyl. The 4LP collection features over 50 tracks, each vinyl in its own sleeve, with Cuphead and Mugman artwork donning the cardboard jacket. Check out the gallery below to see what’s included:

The vinyl release of the Cuphead Soundtrack is available right now for $120, while the game is currently playable on Xbox One and Windows PC. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for more on Cuphead, and for other gaming news, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Intend on picking up the vinyl release of the Cuphead soundtrack? Have you already beaten the game, or has it proven to be too difficult? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! For the track listing of the Cuphead soundtrack, see below:

Side One
1. Don’t Deal with the Devil
2. Don’t Deal with the Devil – Instrumental
3. Introduction
4. Tutorial
5. Elder Kettle
6. Inkwell Isle One
7. Botanic Panic
8. Die House

Side Two
9. Threatenin’ Zeppelin
10. Treetop Trouble
11. Ruse of an Ooze
12. Floral Fury
13. Clip Joint Calamity
14. Forest Follies

Side Three
15. Inkwell Isle Two
16. Sugarland Shimmy
17. Aviary Action
18. Carnival Kerfuffle
19. Fiery Frolic
20. Funfair Fever

Side Four
21. The Mausoleum
22. Legendary Ghost
23. Pyramid Peril
24. Victory Tune
25. Hurry Up
26. A Quick Break
27. Coin-Op Bank
28. High Score
29. Funhouse Frazzle

Side Five
30. Inkwell Isle Three
31. Honeycomb Herald
32. Porkrind’s Shop
33. Shootin’ and Lootin’
34. Dramatic Fanatic
35. Perilous Piers

Side Six
36. Murine Corps
37. Junkyard Jive
38. Rugged Ridge
39. High Seas Hi-Jinx
40. Railroad Wrath

Side Seven
41. The Airship
42. All Bets are Off
43. Inkwell Hell
44. The King’s Court

Side Eight
45. Chief Evil Officer
46. Admission to Perdition
47. Ominous Interlude
48. One Hell of a Time
49. The End
50. Winner Takes All
51. Closing Credits

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