Cult Sim Game ‘The Shrouded Isle’ Lets Players Sacrifice People to a Lovecraftian God (VIDEO)

shrouded isle

The new cult village management game from Kitfox Games, The Shrouded Isle, was just released for PC and Mac last week and it looks like it’s just the right amount of creepy and addicting. In the new game you play as the leader of an island village that is surrounded by dark forces. All of the residents of this village belong to a cult that worships a god who demands a human sacrifice before every season. As their trusted leader, it is up to you to decide who that human sacrifice will be and to deal with any repercussions of your choice. Check out the short release trailer below:

In The Shrouded Isle, the player must choose an adviser every season from one of the 5 main families in the village. Every month the player will send 3 of their advisers to “persuade” the other villagers towards things such as obedience, ignorance, or religious fervor. Some advisers are better at certain things for example, if the adviser is a violent person, obedience will be raised faster. During the course of the month, players will discover the advisers traits and sins, which will help when it’s time to decide which adviser will be sacrificed. Unfortunately, once an adviser is sacrificed, their family WILL react. You must keep your approval rating high in order to avoid rebellion, so you better make sure their sins are bad enough.

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