Crunchyroll + Steam = Great News for Anime Fans

Taboo Tattoo

Popular anime streaming service Crunchyroll has partnered up with Steam to bring a handful of anime titles to Steam’s platform. This coincides with Steam’s Anime Weekend Sale and will allow fans to purchase available episodes or seasons and watch them using Steam’s program. The selection is based on some of Crunchyroll’s latest hits.

Twenty different anime series are available through the new partnership. Purchasing episodes, however, will not allow users to download their purchases. Instead, fans can immediately stream their selection through Steam at any time after they’ve made their purchase. Titles included are hits such as Taboo Tattoo, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Berzerk, and Re: Zero. According to a Crunchyroll forum post, more titles will be added in the future.

Steam Crunchyroll Anime

As of now, all titles are only in English, but the streaming company is working with Steam on the possibility of bringing more language options to the new medium. Users will be able to purchase single episodes or entire seasons (at a discounted price) for their viewing pleasure. There is no limit on how many times you can watch each episode after purchasing, or an expiration date on the series that you’ve paid for. You don’t need to worry about low quality streaming as all episodes will play in 1080p resolution where available.

What do you think of the Steam and Crunchyroll partnership? Do you see any titles that you’ve been wanting to see? What are your thoughts on purchasing a series or episode to stream rather than an actual download? Let us know in the comments section below, or feel free to head on over to our official Disqus channel to talk about it with fellow DFTG readers, as well as our staff. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to catch 24/7 gaming and entertainment news coverage.

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