Conan Exiles Releases Update 22 Patch, Adds New Weapons and Dye System (VIDEO)

Update 22

The wildly successful Conan Exiles has launched Update 22 for their game, and this time the updates adds a slew of new weapons for your barbarian to use in wreaking havoc on the world around you. Posted by Funcom, the update went live just a few days ago, allowing early access players to take advantage of the latest from game developers. Not only does the update include new weapons, but it also allows for a decay system, which will clean up old buildings over time. The decay system will be enabled by default on official servers, according to the patch update notes, and disabled on private servers.

Another cool perk added to the early access game is the dye system. Now, gamers can collect supplies and pigments from the environment around them to dye their armor and really show off their style in this gritty, dangerous world. As for the weapons added in the update, gamers can expect to find weapons such as a stone pike, two warhammers and a crossbow added to the roster of devastating weapons to wield. Funcom has also stated that alongside the new weapons, previous ones will also be rebalanced to allow damage stats to level with the character. For a closer look into Update 22, a quick preview of the new weapons, and some new game perks, check out the video below and see for yourself:

It’s also important to note, that Funcom takes their game very seriously, and hopes to encourage the players to do so as well. In order to achieve this, game developers will be rewarding gamers who report any exploits to them. This Exploit Hunters program will help to eliminate cheating and make game play more fun and rewarding for everyone involved. This new program couples with some exploit fixes the game developers have already added to the game, which include preventing gamers from building inside cliffs or mountains, or by duplicating armor you find on unconscious player bodies. The hope of game developers is that when the game finally launches after its early access period, the game will be honed to perfection for a dirty, gory game play experience everyone will love. So far, we have to say they’re doing a pretty good job!

So what do you think of Update 22 from Funcom? Have you had a chance to play Conan Exiles yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below or hop on over to our Don’t Feed the Gamers Disqus to join in on the conversation there! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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