Coming December: Green Camo PS4 Controller

Ever find yourself sneaking through the jungle, face painted, sweat dripping down your brow, fully aware that charlies could be around the next tree, and then BANG! A shot rings out from somewhere unseen. You drop to the ground, trying to take it all in, looking for the glint of a high powered scope somewhere off in the distance. Your mind reeling you wonder to yourself, what gave me away? Of course, it was my Playstation 4 controller! You knew that silver or black were poor choices, but there wasn’t anything suitable to the covert ops, jungle, special mission that you’d been assigned.

Well fret no more forest warrior, because Sony just announced the newest paint job for the DualShock 4 and, you guessed it, it’s green camouflage! No longer will you be limited to inappropriate controller colors while you’re covered head to toe in a ghillie suit, eating snakes in Cambodia.

The new controller goes on sale in December, so you can grab one for yourself or a friend, just in time for the launch of the Playstation 4 Pro and the holiday season.

Will you be grabbing one of these controllers when they hit the shelf? Hit us up, send us a picture, and let us know if they’re any good in the comments below!

Joshua Hogg73 Posts

Depending on who you ask, Josh's obsession with video games may or may not be entirely healthy. Frequently bankrupting himself to get the next fix, he indiscriminately jumps from game to game, perhaps searching for that perfect title that will leave him eternally satisfied.


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