Latest Clueless Gamer Segment Takes Conan Into the Virtual World of Wilson’s Heart (VIDEO)

Wilson's Heart

“If you want to experience what it’s like to be in your late 60’s and old and chained to a wall, with glaucoma, enter this magical world!”, or better yet, just let Conan O’ Brien go instead, because this guy is a pro at cracking people up with his popular segment Clueless Gamer. In the most recent episode, Conan tries out the dark thriller Wilson’s Heart on the Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Much to his dismay, once again there is no sexy time during this VR experience.

The first-person horror game is all in black and white and the player controls a 65 year old man named Robert Wilson. Wilson’s Heart is set in the 1940’s inside of a dilapidated hospital where Wilson awakens to realize that he now has a strange device in his chest instead of the heart that was once there. Sounds creepy right? Well watch the video below and see what Conan had to say in this episode of Clueless Gamer.

“So I’m giving this hospital a very bad Yelp review.” This guy is hilarious and we never tire of these segments and apparently a lot of other people feel the same way so now Clueless Gamer is getting its very own series! Wilson’s Heart was developed by Twisted Pixel Games and according to their website,

“Wilson’s Heart leverages an eccentric cast of characters, compelling narrative, striking visuals, and the immersive nature of Touch to bring you into an interactive adventure of mystery unlike any other game.”

It definitely looks like a cool game, but it will be so hard not to bust out laughing when the creature pops out of the bathtub just thinking about Conan so nonchalantly saying, “That, I could have sex with”. What was your favorite part of this Clueless Gamer segment? Let us know in the comment section below and if you haven’t done it already, then head on over to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page and give us a follow for all the best gaming news 24/7!

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