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New Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer Shows 20 Minutes Of Single-Player Campaign (VIDEO)

Ghost Recon Wildlands takes you into the Bolivian jungle with a team of four special ops members taking on the Santa Blanca Cartel. The game is designed with multiplayer in…

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Ravanello is a Radish Sculpting Tool that Creates Super Mario Mushrooms! (VIDEO)

With a few simple steps, you can sculpt a radish that resembles a Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros! Avichai Tadmor, a designer for a company called Monkey Business, created…

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New Reveal Video Showcases League of Legends Lunar Revel – New Skins and More

It looks like Overwatch isn’t the only game with incoming Year of the Rooster skins! In a gameplay video uploaded to the League of Legends Youtube channel, we see Champions…

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Behind the Scenes of ARK PARK, a Virtual Reality Experience (VIDEO)

Chances are at this point you’ve heard of, played, or at least seen clips of Ark: Survival Evolved: a somewhat newer survival game that lets players explore and survive in a…

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Overwatch 12 gun salute

Players Send Off Fallen Friend with Moving Overwatch 12 Gun Salute (VIDEO)

One of the benefits of team based games, and certainly this is the case with Overwatch, is the bond you create with your teammates. You fight together, die together, complete…

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Award Winning Psychological Thriller ‘The Town of Light’ Coming to Consoles

Developers Wired Productions have announced that their award winning psychological thriller, The Town of Light (ToL), is headed to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The first-person style game takes place in…

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Your Vagina is the Controller with this Video Game by Perifit (VIDEO)

Worried about your vaginal health? Or are you simply looking for a fun way to do kegels? Look no further than Perifit – the game that makes use of your…

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Cthulhu Trailer

Call of Cthulhu Trailer has all the Makings of a Lovecraftian Nightmare (VIDEO)

For fans of the world of HP Lovecraft, impending doom is worn like a snuggie on Christmas day. Whether you’re immersed in a story, or busy with a board game,…

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Power Rangers Official Trailer Header

It’s Morphin Time! New Power Rangers Official Trailer Released (VIDEO)

A lot of people have enjoyed the Power Rangers throughout the years, in some form, whether it was the T.V shows, the comics, or the movies. Sure, it has been called…

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Movie Clip from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Brings Us Into the Hive (VIDEO)

Sony Pictures has released a new movie clip from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The suspenseful video shows Milla Jovovich as the main character Alice, taking a gang of survivors inside The…

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