No Man's Sky Vehicle

Updata Data Files Point to New No Man’s Sky Vehicle in Upcoming Update

We have very recently seen a push by Hello Games to provide requested improvements to No Man’s Sky, after its first few months in front of players has been met…

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Download Free Majora’s Mask: Terrible Fate Soundtrack Here – Plus Producer Behind the Music Speaks Out

Powerful. Crisp. Entrancing. An assortment of rich sounds and noises from the crunching of leaves, eerie giggles, flapping wings, chimes, neighing horses, the crashing boom of drums, feet stomping on saturated forest ground…

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final fantasy xv crown update

Final Fantasy XV Patch Notes for the Crown Update Day One

The new Crown Update for Final Fantasy XV adds 8 GB of improvements to the game a day away from the launch. The game will not be playable until you…

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Jonesing for a Final Fantasy XV Soda? Here’s How You Can Get the Exclusive ‘Wiz’s Energizing Elixir’

Jonesing for a soda? Excited for Final Fantasy XV coming out tomorrow? Love collectibles? Well, you’re in luck. A partnership between Jones Soda, Square Enix, and Target has birthed an exclusive…

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New Assassin’s Creed Spot Takes a Closer Look At The Film’s Version of The Animus (Video)

The big screen adaptation of Assassin’s Creed is almost upon us. It seems as though we’ve been talking and speculating about the film forever now. With the movie’s release just…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Multiplayer is Linked to Campaign

The hype train for Mass Effect: Andromeda keeps chugging along as we learn more details about the highly anticipated latest installment in the franchise. Today’s nugget of tantalizing news centers…

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‘One Eyed Kutkh’ Brings Siberian Fairy Tales to the World of Video Games (VIDEO)

Say hello to One Eyed Kutkh, an imagined world of what eastern Siberian fairy tales would be like if they were about space travel. Yeah, space travel! We follow our…

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Microsoft Optimistic Over Xbox Sales – Strong Black Friday Pull

Microsoft was vague yet optimistic on Sunday the 27th when they proudly announced that Xbox sales on and around Black Friday were “strong”. Granted, Microsoft didn’t give us any sort…

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Deep Silver Says They Released Homefront: The Revolution Too Early

Since the dawn of time, life itself has been impatient. Whether you are prepared or not, it waits for no one. We do our best to learn how to be…

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Game Developer Presents Girlfriend with Custom Video Game Proposal

In the age of the nerd the idea of romance expands beyond the candle lit dinner and rose petal paths. We are seeing more and more creative ways to pop…

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