Beyond Good and Evil 2 Timeline Revealed, Birth Of Jade

Beyond Good and Evil 2 timeline

When Ubisoft debuted the cinematic trailer for the upcoming installment in the Beyond Good and Evil franchise, gamers everywhere jumped with joy as they were caught off guard by the announcement. Sure, we got that sequel video years ago, but the project took a turn in development after that, instead changing to a prequel to the first entry. Thanks to the latest Space Monkey Report, we now have a clear picture of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 timeline and what happened leading up to the game.

In the second ever such report, Ubisoft took to their Twitch channel to share some development updates with the fans. Included was some glorious pre-alpha gameplay footage as well as the timeline of events that take place before the prequel. The developers mentioned that they use the timeline to help them create a “coherent and logical” title.

2040 – Golden Age of Science

  • Creation of the propulsion engine that allows further and quicker space travel
  • Everything learned in the prequel begins with the aforementioned creation
  • This led to humans leaving Earth, the Golden Age of Piracy, and so much more

2063 – Earth Crisis

  • Technology turns against humans
  • Led to the creation of hybrids, and eventually talking hybrids
  • Society itself begins to see destruction

2086 – First Talking Hybrid

  • Creation of Pey’J-E527, the first talking hybrid
  • Creating cross-species hybrids that were able to speak led to a cynical view on life for many
  • The hybrids, however, were pivotal in evolving society as a whole

2108 – Humans Forced to Leave Earth

  • Exodus to systems 1 through 5
  • Once expeditions leave Earth, they no longer have contact with the planet
  • The mysterious discoveries remained as such, which came as a hindrance
  • This, of course, had the bright side of leading to expansive colonization beyond Earth

2225 – Foundation of Ganesha City

  • Built to reflect India and a belief (System 3)
  • Also allowed colonies to remember Earth, a place they would likely never see again

2314 – Mysterious Giant Ship Massacre

  • We don’t know exactly what happens in System 3
  • First instance of massive aggression, but not much is known
  • More will be revealed later

2360 – Golden Age of Piracy

  • “Pirates can prosper in this solar system”
  • Paramount to gameplay and encapsulates the very essence of the game itself

???? – Birth of Jade

  • Protagonist from Beyond Good and Evil
  • Born in a dark period where corporations were being destroyed and society was being torn apart

It is after all of these events that Beyond Good and Evil 2 takes place, meaning Jade could very well make an appearance in the prequel. Of course, Ubisoft was sure to keep secrets to themselves when discussing the timeline, but it’s fun to speculate what exactly will go down in the game. If Jade does have a role, it will most likely be as a child, but we just don’t know how far the prequel will go as far as time is concerned.

For all we know, the Beyond Good and Evil 2 timeline could span the course of the week leading up to the first game. We’ll surely learn plenty more details at this year’s E3, so be sure to keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as this story develops. For other gaming news going on right now, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? When do you think the events of Beyond Good and evil 2 will take place in relation to the first entry? Do you think we’ll see the release of the game this decade, or does Ubisoft have a bounty of work ahead of them? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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