Bethesda Pushes Skyrim: Special Edition Patch to Resolve Bugs on PC


For those of you that have been frustrated with sound issues on the new Special Edition of Skyrim on PC, your prayers have been answered by Bethesda in the form of a patch rolled out in the beta version. You can access the beta through a few simple manipulations on Steam.

  • Right click the game in your library.
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Betas”
  • Choose Beta from the drop down menu
  • Click OK

Once the game downloads the necessary files, the beta version of the game should be available where Skyrim special edition formerly was.

Skyrim Bethesda

The patch also fixes a few other minor issues. For a short list of the fixes, check out Bethesda’s 1.1 update announcement. Let us know if this helped your gaming experience in the comments below, and help us track down any new or unresolved bugs so that we can track them here at DFTG.

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