Battlefield 1 Winter Update Adds Higher Max Ranking, Ribbons, and Map Voting

battlefield 1 winter update

The Winter Update for the World War I era shooter Battlefield 1 has gone live and it aims to improve progression systems as well as introduce new rent-a-server features across all versions of the game. The latest build of Battlefield 1 was shown off in a livestream recently, in which developer DICE showed off the return of the Ribbon System, increased maximum class rankings, and multiplayer map voting.

The new update brings back Ribbons, as seen in past Battlefield games. Ribbons are awarded when performing certain tasks, such as killing a number of enemies in a set time limit. There will be 20 variations of the Ribbons, and when collected, will give the recipient 300XP for their trouble.

Also available is the ability to unlock an Elite Codex, gained upon completing Codex Entry challenges. Elite Codexes are achieved after gaining 500 more kills than a regular codex entry with one of eight supported primary weapons. Upon completing, players will be awarded an extra 25,000 XP.

Maximum Class Ranks have now been increased from 10 to 50. After every 10 ranks, players will get a free battlepack, and upon receiving the maximum rank, Class flair is added to the kill card, putting a final exclamation point on kills.

On top of all this, rent-a-servers were given a few added features. RPS admins can now kick players from their server or ban them completely if they’re being extra naughty. RSP admins will also have priority access to the game server.

The final major addition gives players the option to vote for the next map after a previous match has completed. The choice will be between two randomly chosen areas, and the voting will take place between rounds, so to not take up any extra time.

battlefield 1 winter update voting

Battlefield’s Winter Update has a lot to enjoy when considering it’s comparatively smaller scale changes. A full list of patch notes, including bug fixes, can be read on the official Battlefield website. The update is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC right now.

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