Battlefield 1 Teaser for Upcoming DLC Released for “They Shall Not Pass”

Battlefield 1 is a highly acclaimed first-person shooter (FPS) set in the World War 1 era. Created by DICE, the game is expected to receive its February update bearing new content, new custom game modes, and its first post-launch DLC: They Shall Not Pass. The Battlefield 1 teaser for the upcoming content was originally posted on their Twitter in preparation for the official reveal sometime next week.

The clip is small, which is to be expected for a simple teaser, but the 15 second look into what’s to come showcases a soldier wielding a club in front of a majestic French flag while he turns dramatically towards a mighty fire. They Shall Not Pass is set within the time-frame of the Battle of Verdun in France and gives player the opportunity to play a part of the French army for the first time in BF1. During the battle itself, there was so much gun fire during this conflict that rampant forest fires also provided another element of danger, which likely explains why we see the massive fire in the teaser.

The Battle of Verdun and the struggles within Fort Vaux are not the only new additions to the gameplay with They Shall Not pass. There will also be a third map added that will be torn apart by artillery shells to reflect the 40 million shells fired during the Battle of Verdun. According to DICE, there will also be one map (possibly more) that emphasizes “underground fortresses”, though which map has yet to be confirmed prior to the official reveal.

Though an official date for when this DLC drops has yet to be announced, we can expect that info, and much more, during the official reveal next week. We will keep you posted as soon as that reveal comes live. FPS fans that purchased Battlefield 1’s season pass will also have access to They Shall Not Pass two weeks prior to anyone else, which is excited for those that are anxious to get their hands on new content.

What are your thoughts on the latest Battlefield title so far? We have been streaming it quite a lot on our Twitch channel, so it’s safe to say we here at DFTG are big fans – what about you? Did you think it was a step in the right direction? Or did you prefer the predecessors in the franchise? Sound off with your thoughts on the Battlefield 1 teaser below and tell us all about it!

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