Channel Zero: No-End House – First Look at Creepypasta Inspired Season 2 (VIDEO)

With the culmination of Syfy‘s first, chilling season of Channel Zero: Candle Cove, fans of the creepy television show were treated to a teaser for the upcoming second season. Channel Zero: No-End House will be another 6-episode story arch, involving the tale of a young woman faced with the horrors of the No-End House.

Channel Zero: No-End House

“It’s six rooms. Each one is scarier than the last. Most people don’t even get to the sixth room. And people who do are never seen again.”

The premise for the newest mini-series is simple… or is it? In the second season, a young woman visits the No-End House, which consists of six rooms. Each room is far more disturbing than the last, testing the character’s mental stability as they try to escape and return to some form of normal life again. However, once you go into the No-End House, nothing will ever be the same again. Take a look at the teaser below to get acquainted with the horrors that await you.

No-End House is based off of Brian Russell‘s Creepypasta by the same name. A Creepypasta is a short horror story posted by independent authors, usually to the official Creepypasta website. There have been many iterations of video game adaptations, and recently it was announced that HBO would be airing a documentary involving the real-life horror of the Slenderman case, a story involving two young girls who attempted to murder a classmate to appease this fictional character. It just goes to show that these short scary stories can have a big impact on our world, either in a negative way (like the Slenderman case), or in a positive way (video game adaptations and television shows).

Channel Zero: No-End house premiers in 2017 and will be starring Margot Sleator (The Path), John Carroll Lynch (American Horror Story), directed by Steven Piet (Uncle John), and produced by Nick Antosca and Max Landis.

What do you guys think of this upcoming mini-series? Will you be watching this 6-episode arch for yourself? What’s your favorite Creepypasta story? Give us a shout out in the comments below!

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