Baldur’s Gate 3 Update Brings New Fixes And More Amusing Statistics

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Larian Studios certainly know how to make the best of their early access phase, and that includes making fun of their player base. All in good fun, of course! In the latest update for Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios reveals a number of changes they’ve made to the game – from general fixes, reshots, and minor fixes to cinematics, optimized sound settings, crash fixes, and more. It’s all in the details! They’ve got some tea to spill too – statistics tea that is.

The last we heard from Larian Studios, the team was “disappointed” with the character customization choices by the Baldur’s Gate 3 early access community. Basically, the most popular player choices resulted in a “default Vault Dweller.” In other words, that’s as basic as it gets. Now, they’ve got some new and interesting statistics for everyone. Unsurprisingly, it involves lots of heavy petting and death. Well, not necessarily at the same time. First, let’s talk death.

“The amount of death in the camp is also surprising,” Larian revealed in their update. “We won’t spoil as to why that may be, but there are many, many in depth stories online, and on Reddit, about how death befell the campsite. They’re hilarious so please keep sharing them! We also know how many times characters are dying. Gale died 333757 times. 333758 if you include the cake incident. Gale has a party-member kill-rate 4 times higher than any NPC in the game, so maybe he deserved it?”

Despite the invariable amount of times Gale has been attacked, he’s also the most romanced of all the party members with a whopping 33% of players who chose to woo him. Odd. Shadowheart fell in second place with 31% of players having romance her and an equal percentage where Shadowheart fell in love with the player.

Oh, and there was a heavy amount of petting too. Dog petting that is. As a matter of fact, the dog has been pet over 400-thousand times. Everyone loves a good boy. Interested in more interesting statistics? Check it out:

  • 1.37% of players chose to sleep alone
  • 5.87% of players tried to steal the ring
  • 26.3% of those players merely sucked a toe
  • 40.79% of players who jumped down a large, dark hole arrived dead, because they leapt without Feather Fall

There’s an additional statistic that we won’t share here because it’s a spoiler, but if you want to find out why it has to do with Tieflings – head on over here to the official Baldur’s Gate 3 website.

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