Looks Like the ARK Survival Evolved Dev Team Won’t Be Wiping its PvP Servers Pre-Launch After All

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Even though the developer team behind ARK Survival Evolved recently made the announcement that they had planned to wipe its PvP servers prior to the game’s official full launch, it looks like the team behind this wildly popular survival game changed their minds at the last minute in an effort to preserve the servers, instead choosing to keep them intact.

The original course of action to wipe all of the servers to provide a clean slate comes from a statement to Eurogamer in which Studio Wildcard and Lead Designer Jeremy Stieglits had this to say in defense of the original decision,

From a PvP standpoint, the data that exists is essentially bad at this point, because it’s been so corrupted by the duping and it’s not been dealt with for a little while. We feel if we’re going to have a competitive environment that is fair to old players and new players, we can’t have that kind of legacy craziness in there. Also we would never be able to balance the game. When someone has an infinite number of C4 or an infinite number of level 400 T-Rex, it just throws off any attempt we might make to create a long-term balance ramp.”

Shortly after the initial statement was sent out, an addendum quickly took its place essentially saying ‘whoops, we’ve changed our minds,’ – which is good news for a lot of players:

Studio Wildcard reconfirmed its commitment to no server wipe–despite a recent rash of cheating and hacking within the game,” the developer wrote. “In addition to continuing to operate the legacy servers, on launch date the studio will roll out a fresh cluster network of servers running new code and infrastructure explicitly designed to prevent such issues from occurring in the future.”

The full game is set to launch on August 8th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. With the game being in Early Access still, those who have already participated will have the title at $30 on PC however, as of right now, the full price has been adjusted to a regular $60 price point, much to many fellow developers’ chagrin.

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