Amnesia Rebirth Adds Not-So-Scary Adventure Mode

Amnesia Rebirth

As gaming technology continues to grow and evolve, video games now have only become more emotionally gripping and expansive in the levels of challenge there can be for any particular game. However, with these changes and increases in challenge, some players have found completing certain types of games to be more difficult than ever. To help with these challenges and accessibility issues, developers have sought to make greater amounts of options available, such as special modes for casual players seen in games like Firewatch. Now, to help appeal to those that normally don’t enjoy horror games, it has been announced that Amnesia Rebirth will be getting an Adventure mode that reduces the amount of scares found in the game.

As reported by Game Informer, developer Frictional Games has announced their new Adventure mode for Amnesia Rebirth is now available. Players of the PC version of the game can now access the Adventure mode in the game that greatly reduce the horror elements of the game. In this mode, there is much more lighting and the insanity mechanic no longer risks hindering the player’s progress. Many of the horror-inducing sounds and visuals are also removed from this mode of the game as well.

Amnesia Rebirth

The Adventure mode in Amnesia Rebirth also adds more puzzles and obstacles in the game, which helps offset the gameplay time players would lose due to not having to navigate the game’s environments more carefully and mitigating their insanity meter’s growth. For the more faint of constitutions, it is great to see the developer keeping these audiences in mind so that they can enjoy in the hard work that the Frictional Games team put into this game. The gaming industry certainly could use a Rebirth that brings more flexibility and inclusive options like this.

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