Horror Game ILL Shows Off Gorgeously Disgusting Boss Transformation (VIDEO)

Clout Games ILL Horror

With horror game fans getting through their first weekend with Bloober Team’s The Medium, many are looking to keep that scary train rolling with other titles in the genre. That said, while you won’t be able to play it any time soon, Clout Games’ ILL is shaping up to be quite the adventure as can be seen in the latest video showing off a beautifully gruesome boss transformation.

A member of the Clout Games team recently took to Twitter to show off the boss transformation rendered in real-time in Unreal. In the video, we get a good look at one of the creatures from ILL that players will encounter during their playthrough. The character itself seems to be hobbling along in search of some sugar water, only to then transform into some fantastic beast that rips its way out of the character. It truly is something to behold.

According to the Patreon page for ILL, this is what the game will feature:

  • Immersive visuals and thrilling designs.
  • Advanced physics: interactive environments, active ragdoll, dismemberment, real-time body transformations
  • Instead of an over-complicated plot, psyco-trips and ghosts, we will provide you with an easy-to-understand story and shocking discoveries.

ILL is currently in development with no planned release date. Those looking forward to the game can support the development team through their Patreon, with tiers ranging from $3/a month to $200/ a month. The devs noted that they will be using the money “to cover company registration costs and hire lawyers to help us secure investment deal.” Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as we learn more about this upcoming horror title, and for other gaming goodness going on right now, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Are you excited to get your hands on ILL, especially after seeing the boss transformation video above? When do you believe we are going to see this game released? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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