New Interview Reveals That Aloy Might Be Back for a Horizon: Zero Dawn Sequel!

Horizon: Zero Dawn was a PlayStation 4 exclusive that took the gaming charts by storm. With an amazing story, a stunning open-world to explore, and a strong cast of characters, it was no wonder that so many people within the community hailed it as a masterpiece. DFTG even gave it a perfect score, which almost never happens. Given its overwhelming success, it isn’t a surprise that there may be a Zero Dawn sequel – but that doesn’t stop the possibility from being incredibly exciting!

A few of the team members from Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the popular title, sat down with Game Informer for an interview that will be featured in their upcoming magazine. John Gonzalez, the Narrative Director, was not shy about dropping hints at a sequel featuring our favourite hunter in the near future. Here’s what he had to say on the subject of Horizon: Zero Dawn:

We’ve been absolutely humbled by the players’ response to the story and their emotional connection to Aloy. Should a sequel happen, our number one goal would be to respect that connection by doing our utmost to create a story that resonates just as deeply. We feel duty-bound to honor the time that players have invested into Horizon: Zero Dawn. The last thing we want to do is disappoint the folks who have given the game such a passionate support.”

Though Gonzalez did not explicitly state that Aloy would be front and center once more, the phrasing used during the interview definitely points in that direction by pointing out the “emotional connection” many players had to the protagonist. Aloy was definitely a strong character done correctly with realistic dialogue, a naturally flowing narrative, and a personality that instantly endeared her to gamers everywhere.

Try not to get your hopes up, however. This is speculation upon a closer look at the interview featuring the dev team. It is very possible that the sequel will feature an all new protagonist, leaving Aloy to the glory of the first title. The team over at Guerrilla Games has teased a little in the past stating that different protagonists down the line is a contender for any sequels planned.

The story of the first title itself centers around Aloy, an outcast from her tribe born “motherless”, forced to survive on the outskirts of society with the help of her mentor, Rost. Through hard training, dedication, and a spirit that couldn’t be killed, Aloy honed her skills as a hunter and a fighter to prove to the tribe once and for all that she had an earned place among them.  After showcasing her worth in what is called a “proving”, the mysteries surrounding her birth and the nature of the world begin to shift and reveal themselves. Not everything is as it appears, and the journey to discovering who she is and how their world works is a wild ride that any role-playing game fan will enjoy.

A new adventure in the world of technological mysteries would be fantastic, and many fans would agree that there would be a lot to capitalize on. What do you think? Would you like to see Aloy again for an all new tale, or would you rather see a new character in the spotlight? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow us Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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