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Wonder Woman Game

Wonder Woman Game Announced By Middle-Earth Shadow of War Devs (VIDEO)

DC Comics have extended their presence well beyond their original medium into other entertainment forms. This has especially been true in the world of video games, from the DC games…

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Shadow Of War: Desolation Of Mordor Expansion's Opening Cinematic Revealed (VIDEO)

New Shadow Of War: Desolation Of Mordor Trailer Reunites Long-Lost Brothers (VIDEO)

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has had quite the impressive run of content ever since it was released in September 2017. Like the original Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War…

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WATCH: Middle-Earth Shadow Of War Story DLC Blade Of Galadriel Reveals Opening Cinematic

Middle-earth: Shadow of War‘s story DLC Blade of Galadriel had its opening cinematic revealed recently during a livestream event by Monolith Productions. Without spoiling anything, this is additional content to…

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Online Fight Pits

Shadow Of War Update Brings Online Fight Pits And More

Monolith Productions has announced a new update being released for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War that includes a new feature called Online Fight Pits. The highly rated action-adventure title includes a…

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Playstation store october

FIFA, Shadow Of War, And More Duke It Out – PlayStation Store October Results Are In

Sony released their PlayStation Store October top downloaded results and FIFA 18 sits at the top of the list in multiple categories. The PlayStation marketplace breaks down their lists based…

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Expansion Pass Features New Story Campaigns And More (VIDEO)

Even before the game’s official release, WB Games and Monolith Productions already had downloadable content planned and it certainly is expansive. Seen in the introductory trailer below, the Middle-earth: Shadow…

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Shadow of War Shadow Wars 01

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Endless Shadow Wars Arriving With First DLC

It has been just over a week since the launch of WB Interactive and Monolith’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. While the solo campaign is lengthy, players have already pushed through and are…

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War DRM

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War DRM Obliterated In Under 24 Hours After Launch

Digital rights management(DRM) measures are usually put in place to stifle unlawful distribution of digital media. Becoming more prominent among video games in recent years, the anti-piracy actions taken by…

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middle earth backstory

Bruz The Chopper Breaks Down Middle Earth’s Backstory For Shadow Of War (VIDEO)

Three years have come and gone since the Shadow of Mordor was released. Enough time has passed that fans may need a refresher before they dive into Shadow of War….

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Conan plays Shadow

Conan Plays Shadow of War in Hilarious Clueless Gamer Segment (VIDEO)

In the most recent Clueless Gamer segment, Conan plays Shadow of War with Kumail Nanjiani, who voices an Orc named Dugz the Agonizer in the game. As anyone could expect from…

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