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PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2: 5 New VR Games Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

Sony unleashed a monsoon of reveals this week with its latest State of Play presentation, showing off such anticipated projects as the colorful brawling revamp Street Fighter 6, the Dead…

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PlayStation VR2 Design

PlayStation VR2 Design Revealed By Sony

Technology innovations have always been a core factor in the direction that the video game industry takes, with virtual reality being one such impactful factor in recent years for the…

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Horizon VR game

Next-Gen Horizon VR Game Announced For PlayStation VR2 (VIDEO)

After months of waiting, Sony has finally delivered more information about its long-promised next VR headset for the PlayStation 5. Details have been notoriously light after first being announced, and…

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GTA San Andreas VR

GTA San Andreas VR Announced For Oculus Quest 2

It is an exciting time to be a Grand Theft Auto fan. While GTA V still goes strong in sales and its GTA Online eco-system, fans recently received an infusion…

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Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 VR Arrives In October, New Gameplay Revealed (VIDEO)

Available on over a dozen platforms across three console generations, Resident Evil 4 has risen from the dead so many times, it’s bordering on Skyrim levels of re-releases at this…

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Respawn Entertainment VR

Respawn Entertainment VR Documentary Project Wins Oscar

While video games as an artistic medium have grown more socially and culturally accepted, they have yet to fully reach the level of high art esteem that film is regarded…

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Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 VR Announced With First Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

The latest Resident Evil Showcase may have largely focused on the upcoming Resident Evil Village, but the presentation’s final moments also brought focus to another project set in the RE-verse:…

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Valheim VR Mod

This Valheim VR Mod Is In Beta And It Looks Glorious (VIDEO)

Valheim has become the latest and greatest playground for modders, offering players a massive world to get lost in and bring their own additions to the experience. That said, one…

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Sony Patents

PlayStation 5 VR Headset And Controller Confirmed By Sony

While Xbox has pursued service-based avenues such as Xbox Game Pass in recent years, Sony has apparently kept its eye on peripherals with the PlayStation 5’s debut of the innovative…

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Microsoft Flight Simulator VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Support Now Available (VIDEO)

Microsoft Flight Simulator released its latest installment this past August, allowing players to enjoy the friendly skies in a myriad of flying vehicles and travel the globe. One thing the…

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