Twitch Halloween Loot Boxes Now Available To Provide Viewers With Ghoulish Cheers

Twitch Halloween Loot Boxes

Twitch allows people to follow and watch their favorite streamers in seamless fashion. As the gamers make their way through a title, viewers are able to cheer them on in the chat section of any particular stream. A plethora of emotes are already available to express a bit of flair as someone speedruns through Cuphead, takes on a bit of Overwatch, or plays any number of video games. The streaming service, however, has now gotten into the spooky spirit with Twitch Halloween loot boxes that are now available.

In order to obtain one for yourself, you must cheer at least 250 bits towards a streamer on an enabled channel. There are six cheers in total, but they will only last until 2018. However, if viewers are able to unlock all six that are available, a seventh emote will be given to them – Zombie Lord Kappa. If unlocked, he will remain yours forever.

As stated above, viewers will need to cheer at least 250 bits(each time) in order to receive one of the Twitch Halloween loot boxes. Each box is randomized and it is possible to get the same emote twice. This is what Twitch has to say regarding duplicates:

There is a small chance users will receive the same emote from two different Crates and you’ll have to continue Cheering to try your luck at collecting them all. If you show your support by performing a dark incantation cheer using 5,000 Bits or more in a single Cheer, you also permanently unlock Zombie Lord Kappa outright!”

Viewers will only be able to obtain Twitch Halloween loot boxes through November 3, which is when the chance to get some sweet undead emotes goes away forever. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for more spooky gaming news, and for other related stories, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Will you be cheering on your favorite streamers to get your hands on the Twitch Halloween loot boxes? Excited for a chance to obtain the Zombie Lord Kappa emote? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment 24/7!

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